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Player Registration

Click on the player Registration form to complete the following;

 - Register your child as a new player by completing the form for 2020 new player bookings.

2020 - Term 1
New Player 
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Hot Shots Registration Form
(Complete the online details to claim your FREE T-shirt)
Click on the hot shots registration form to complete the details which go to Tennis Australia.

- Once registered we will receive your T-shirt and you should normally receive this within a few weeks.

- HS registration is not the same as Smash Tennis registration form above. 
By registering into the Smash Tennis program it is understood that you have read and agreed to the terms and conditions listed below.

Terms and Conditions:
If you wish to register your child/children in lessons with Smash Tennis whether Private, semi private, group, squads, social or competitions your position in our programs will be held for the whole term therefore full payment for the terms entirety must be made. If for any reason you choose to leave the Smash Tennis program before the end of the term, you will not be given a refund for any missed lessons and full payment for the term will still be expected. 
ALL players are to only wear appropriate and correct Hot Shots, Tennis or sporting Attire. This includes correct footwear such as tennis shoes or joggers/runners.
Smash Tennis is under no obligation to make up missed lessons or to credit them if the student is unable to attend for any reason. Make up sessions will only be provided if Smash Tennis needs to cancel due to rain, heat or coaches absence. A make up lesson will also be provided only for private lesson students who are absent due to a tennis tournament or event only. As the term is booked for you we will be unable to cover missed lessons. 
Students who receive long term Illness or Injury can apply for a credit or make up sessions provided the Illness or Injury is longer than 4 sessions completed and a doctor’s certificate must be provided. 
(Make up private lessons) for private lessons due to student absence from tennis related events must give a minimum of 1 weeks notice otherwise the class will be forfeited.
Smash Tennis reserves the right to change class time, coaches, venue’s, combine or cancel classes if necessary. 
Smash Tennis will do our best to inform you at least 1 hour ahead of any lesson changes or cancellations that may incur including cancellation and change of venue’s or coaches. Sometimes this will be out of our control.
Due to our coaches being on court during lessons, often they will not be able to respond to texts or calls if you are enquiring about weather changes. ALL lessons are on until further notice.
Smash Tennis accepts no liability for injury, damages or losses sustained through the involvement in the Smash Tennis Program. While Smash Tennis will take all the necessary steps to ensure the safety of all students the activity of any sport including Tennis involves a general risk outside of our control. 

Payment Terms and Conditions:
Payments for ALL LESSONS must be PAID IN FULL by the due date. We now offer alternative payment methods if you cannot meet the payment by due date.
Please understand that we have ensured that your child’s spot is held for the terms entirety and full term payment is also required. 
If lesson Fees are not paid by the agreed/due date, we may refuse your child’s attendance and lose their spot in the class and any outstanding invoices may be sent to our collections agency to ensure payment is received.

Payment Options:
Up front payment made prior to your first lesson of the term, and by the due date.
Direct Debit – A fortnightly payment taken over 4 payments. (extra bank charges apply). 
Payment method’s are, Cash, Direct Deposit, Direct Debit and Card payment over the phone. 
Card and Direct Debit payments incur additional charges.